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  1. How far would you go to achieve your dreams?

    How far would you go to achieve your dreams? These students traveled all the way from Nigeria to Mexico, Missouri, so they could build an airplane. Read on...
  2. Snow Danger for Children

    Parents need to be alert to the fact that snow plows and snow removal equipment is working on city streets. Several times operators have observed children playing on and in piles of snow on the street. Read on...
  3. Reminder to Keep Your Driveway Clear

    To minimize the problem of snow blocked driveways, shovel an open area along the shoulder of your driveway entrance. The plow blades will push the snow into the open area before the driveway. This will reduce the amount of snow that may block driveways.
  4. Emergency Snow Routes

    The Department of Public Works would like to remind citizens about the designated Emergency Snow Routes and how the city plans to make getting around on snow covered streets less of a bother for city residents.
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