Rules & Regulations

  • No child 8 years of age or under will be admitted unless accompanied by a parent, guardian or companion 18 years of age
  • Smoking, tobacco chewing, and alcoholic beverages will not be permitted on the pool premises
  • Running, wrestling, towel fights, shoving or throwing others into the pool is not allowed
  • Only bathing suits or shorts are allowed in the pool, no cutoffs; clean shoes or sandals are allowed on the pool deck
  • T-shirts allowed only by written request from a physician
  • Conduct which may result in injury to oneself or to others will not be permitted
  • Patrons may be in the main pool or wading pool only when lifeguard is on duty
  • Persons failing to comply with health and safety regulations will be refused entrance to the pool
  • Eating and drinking are allowed only in the concession area
  • Playing, sitting, pulling or standing on ropes or lane line is not allowed
Diving Area
  • Patrons unable to swim in an efficient manner will not be permitted to swim in the deep end
  • One person on the diving board at a time, next person waits on the deck
  • Swimming or entering the diving area is permitted only from the diving board
  • Do not dive until the person ahead of you is safely on the ladder
  • After the dive, swim directly to the side next to the board
  • Handstands are not allowed
  • Dive or jump from the front of the board only
  • Any situation occurring that are not specifically outlined in these rules, lifeguards and management will enforce rules pertinent to the specific incident
  • No goggles or masks may be worn on the boards
Slide Area
  • Participants may need to be a certain height or able to pass the swim test to use the slide
  • Only 1 person is allowed on the slide at a time
  • Participants must lineup on the stairs
  • Sliders must go feet first
  • Before another person may go, they must wait for the lifeguard to signal
  • No goggles, fins, sunglasses or swimsuits with rivets or buttons may be worn on the slide
  • Obey lifeguards at all times
  • Patrons who are pregnant, have a fear of heights or experience heart or back problems should not use the slide
  • Management has the right to revoke pool privileges to individuals who constantly disobey the rules, commit gross misconduct or any situation that is deemed necessary
  • The Mexico Parks and Recreation Department or an authorized agent will have the authority to close the pool whenever the safety or health of participants is in question
Wading Pool
  • A lifeguard will be on duty in the wading pool at all times
  • The wading pool is designed for parents with small children who are too little to swim in the main pool
  • Children 48 inches and under and who cannot swim are also allowed to use the wading pool