Elmwood Cemetery

Originally proposed to be incorporated as "Rest Haven", Elmwood was known as the "new" cemetery until 1909 when it officially became Elmwood Cemetery. In the beginning most lots in the cemetery were either cared for by family members or the Perpetual Care Fund.

Since some lots fell into disrepair in the 1950s and 1960s the City of Mexico gradually became more involved in maintaining lots. The cemetery was governed by the Elmwood Cemetery Association until 1967 when, unable financially to maintain the cemetery, they disbanded.

Elmwood pic


The Association's Perpetual Care Fund assets were transferred to the City of Mexico in 1969. Today those assets are less than $5,000.00 of the Cemetery's annual budget.

Rules and Regulations

The following have been carefully considered to reduce conflicts between patrons and to improve maintenance efforts:

  • One shepherds hook may be placed at the base of the monument and kept in good repair.
  • Landscape timbers, brick, stone, glass, metal or plastic edging, fencing, gravel, mulch or landscape rock are not allowed.
  • A monument permit  is necessary prior to setting a bench or any object in concrete. Sixty-six inches of clearance on all sides is required to place a bench. Permits may be obtained at City Hall, 2nd Floor, 300 North Coal, Mexico Missouri 65265.
  • Shrub roses, locust trees or invasive plant species are not permitted. Flower bulbs are permitted as long as they are planted on the side(s) of head/foot stones and not in the mowing path.
  • Flower pots, signs, yard ornaments, statues, figurines, trellis, arches, stepping stones, decorations, etc. not part of the monument or placed on the monument will be removed during cemetery clean up days or if they interfere with maintenance. Official veteran plaques and placards are allowed. The Parks and Recreation Director will have the final in disputes.
  • Removed items can be picked up at the building in the southeast corner of the cemetery. Items remaining after 90-days of storage will be disposed.


  • Cemetery cleanup will be held the third Friday of March, July and October. Please remove all flowers, wreaths, etc. you wish to keep the previous Thursday
  • .Hanging baskets, flowers in stone urns or attached to the monument will be left at the grave site.
  • Please obtain a copy of the Cemetery Rules and Regulations pamphlet located throughout the cemetery when returning flowers, wreaths, etc. to the cemetery on Saturday after cleanup.