Administrative Services

The administrative Services Department is dedicated to providing quality services and financial transparency to achieve internal and external customer satisfaction in a manner that is effective, efficient, equitable, and courteous.

Department Responsibilities
Within the Administrative Services Department there are several programs under the supervision of Roger D. Haynes. The Department’s foremost goal is the sound administration of the city’s financial affairs. Responsibilities of the department related to finance are to:

  • Develop and implement financial accounting policies and procedures
  • Oversee the purchase of goods and services in compliance with city policies, state laws, and federal requirements
  • Protect and optimize the financial resources of the city
  • Provide a sound and secure accounting system safeguarding the city’s assets in a manner consistent with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) recommendations, and legally mandated standards
  • Compile and present an annual financial report meeting the standards of the Government Finance Officers Association Comprehensive Annual Financial Reporting standards
Other activities and responsibilities of the department include:
  • Annual budget development
  • Collector of all city revenue
  • Custody and investment of city funds
  • Human resource functions
  • Information Technology
  • Risk management
  • Utility billing
  • Management of residential refuse contracts